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Indian Rice
Come to us if your requirement is authentic rice varieties, like Sona Masoori, Kolam and 1121 White Sella. People in Indian households and restaurants stock different types of rice, as every rice dish demands a certain type of rice, considering its grain size and aroma.  
Fresh Onion
Get in touch with us to buy fresh onions at wholesale price. Red onions are currently available for purchase. Go ahead, click send inquiry and tell us how much onion you want. 
Basmati Rice
Basmati rice is the premium rice in all rice varieties. Our company supplies 1121 Basmati Golden Sella rice, the grains of which are steamed in husk. This process gives the colour golden to the grains. 
Fresh Vegetables
Looking for a reliable name that can timely meet your fresh vegetable requirements, then do not go anywhere. We are here to supply vegetables in bulk. Currently we have in stock bell peppers or capsicum in all colours- red, green, yellow and orange. 

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